Waste Watch

The LNP love to tell us all how they’re the great economic managers, and the media take them at their word and repeats this crap. 

This post will keep a record of the money these guys have wasted that could have gone to far worthier causes.

  • $500m to renovate the existing war memorial
  • $200m for pre-election ads telling us how good they are
  • $100m for a museum. In France!
  • $66m for a Unions Royal Commission (that found nothing)
  • $200 Billion for obsolete weapons
  • $3.8 Billion to boost weapons sales
  • $50m for a Captain Cook statue
  • $6.7m to re-enact the circumnavigation of Australia (which never actually happened)
  • $126m for a postal survey for SSM
  • $74m to pay Clive’s debts to his mining workers
  • $1.2m to pay Cash’s legal bills
  • $423m paid to Paladin to provide services to 423 refugees for 17 months (that’s almost $59,000 per person/per month)

Lots more to come

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