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The dodgy expense claims never stop. After Bronwyn’s helicopter madness ( you’d think these LNP politicians would have learned, but they’re still claiming taxpayer funds for trips that don’t pass the pub test. A previous list of dodgy travel expenses is here:

Three cabinet ministers charged taxpayers more than $4,500 for an overnight trip to Sydney during which they mingled with mining and banking donors at a lucrative Liberal party fundraiser hosted by Channel Nine.

Stuart Robert, Dan Tehan and Simon Birmingham flew into Sydney on the day of fundraising event and flew out the following day. All three claim they were within the rules because they were in Sydney for other parliamentary business in the hours either side of the fundraiser. The event which raised $700,000 for the Liberal party.

More on the event:

Nine chief executive Hugh Marks has conceded the media company’s decision to host a $10,000-a-head Liberal fundraiser at its Sydney television studios was a “mistake”. –

In another, unrelated, travel story, Three senior Liberal politicians – Peter Dutton, Eric Abetz and Kevin Andrews – billed taxpayers thousands of dollars for an overnight trip to Sydney late last year, where they attended Tony Abbott’s farewell party.

The trio collectively billed taxpayers more than $6000 on flights, cars and hotels for their whirlwind visit to the Harbour City before flying back to their home states the following day.

A member of Mr Andrews’ family also flew up from Melbourne to accompany him in Sydney, with the $1218 cost of flights additionally claimed against the MP’s travel allowances.

Of course this could have been worse. MPs’ travel rules were toughened up by the Turnbull government in 2017 following a series of accusations about Liberal politicians misusing their entitlements. So, I’m sure it was all “within entitlements” as usual.

What they claimed

Peter Dutton MP (Dickson, Qld): $1218 on flights; $453 daily allowance for meals and accommodation. Total spending for trip: $1671

Kevin Andrews MP (Menzies, Vic): $2437 on flights for himself and his wife; $415 daily allowance for meals and accommodation; $576 on government cars in Sydney. Total spending for trip: $3338

Senator Eric Abetz (Tas): $1822 on flights; $374 on government cars in Sydney. Total spending for trip: $2196

Senator Zed Seselja (ACT): $802 on flights; $461 on government cars in Sydney. Total spending for trip: $1263.


More on the dinner:

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