The Scholarship Lesson

Back in 2011, Frances Abbott, daughter of the future Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was awarded a $60,000 scholarship for a bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design. Not just any old scholarship but a “chairman’s scholarship” – something that’s not awarded very often.

Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, I’m sure she deserved it. I’m sure she did too….until you look at the background.

An LNP donor (Les Taylor) sits as chairman on the board of governors. He is reported to have donated $20k to the LNP .

She must have been really special because the school’s website says the school “does not currently offer scholarships to gain a place into the Bachelor of Design”. The scholarship was not declared on Abbott’s interests register (it was within entitlements and didn’t have to be, apparently).

Full story here:

Her teacher said she didn’t deserve it:

Student leaks story, escapes jail time:

Classmates not happy:

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