The Rwanda Riddle

This story stretches back to the Turnbull days. He made a people swap deal with President Obama whereby they take 1,250 of our refugees from Manus & Nauru and we take some of their refugees, specifically the Central Americans in Costa Rican refugee camps.

When Trump was elected Turnbull had a call with him and reminded him of the deal. Trump didn’t like it of course (he called it the “worst deal ever”) but Turnbull said Australia would be taking people the US administration “were very keen on getting out of the United States”. He went on to say “We will take more. We will take anyone that you want us to take”.

No one thought any more of that conversation until two Rwandans turned up on our doorstep. 

Apparently we resettled two Rwandans accused in the US of murder. When Turnbull said we’d take anyone, no one expected the Americans to take that literally. Of course, we weren’t told about it here, we had to depend on reports from the US. Apparently these two new upstanding citizens  had confessed to their involvement in the murder of eight tourists back in 1999. They were brought to the US for trial in 2003 but a US judge ruled the men had been tortured in Rwanda and the case was dropped. The men then claimed they could not be returned to Rwanda because they would be persecuted and they then went into limo until a sucker 3rd country came along to accept them. In steps Morrison.

So, they’re now in this country. The government won’t identify them or tell us where these suspected murderers are living. Good luck folks.

PS…This was revealed just before the 2019 election but the media didn’t push Morrison on the issue, he got away without answering any of the hard questions.

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Update Nov 2019 – We now have the third one here. Reported by American media –


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