The Plague Ship

The Ruby Princess cruise ship left Australia on March 8 on a round-trip cruise to New Zealand. It was due to return on March 21 but the global coronavirus pandemic and a new Australian government ban on cruise ships cut the journey short.

15 March – Scott Morrison: “banned cruises & said the arrival of ships were under the command of the Border Force”

19 March – the Ruby Princess Cruise Ship docked in Sydney, 2700 passengers disembarked & spread coronavirus across Australia. They didn’t even get their temperature checked despite the Agriculture Dept knowing there was 128 sick people on board:

The Govt received multiple Human Health Reports from the Ship and each day the number of sick people on board was going up & up. This didn’t seem to ring any alarms bells, despite us being in the middle of a pandemic.

  • 16/3 @ 13:46- 53 sick passengers; 10 with temp
  • 16/3 @ 15:01- 53 sick; 10 with temp
  • 18/3 @ 8:54- 110 sick; 17 with temp
  • 18/3 @ 19:21- 128 sick; 24 with temp

From  Kristina Keneally (@KKeneally)(

Of all the people who got off the ship and went to their homes across the country 22 have died (13 May 2020) but we’re not sure how many more deaths infected passengers have caused in the community. We do know that the ship is responsible for hundreds of coronavirus infections across Australia (about one in every 10 cases of coronavirus in Australia could be linked to the Ruby Princess).

Why was it allowed to dock? Sydney harbour master says the ship was allowed to dock even though he had concerns about putting a pilot on board because of coronavirus –

Whose fault is this? We don’t know yet but there’s an Inquiry underway in NSW as we speak (12 May 2020). The Federal government has said it’s got nothing to do with them.

Q: So, is this just normal incompetence or was there something Dodgy going on? Good question. There was a rumour that the parents of Hawke’s wife were onboard the Ruby Princess along with some friends from the Hillsong Church (the shipping company didn’t release a passenger manifest). Unproven. Note: Hawke (along with Robert and Morrison) is a Pentecostal and a member of Hillsong. Story here: Rumour here:

Another interesting angle:

Full timeline:

Inquiry finds “shortcomings” –

Full story behind this debacle:

Detailed timeline:,13775

Spread of Infections:

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