The Member for Manila

George Christensen (Bio from SBS) is a special piece of work. He’s part of the LNP in QLD but sits with the Nationals in Parliament. He’s a conservative and widely outspoken. While some people expected him to lose his seat in the 2019 election he actually had a swing towards him! His Wikipedia page gives a good background on him.

In the months leading up to the election he was in the media for something besides his conservative views. It turns out that young George spent a lot of time in The Philippines instead of in his electorate. Apparently he skipped nearly a third of the public hearings for the 2014 parliamentary inquiry into boosting economic and infrastructure development in the Top End , instead spending time in Manila where he has a girlfriend.

He spent nearly 300 days over a four-year period in the Philippines. While they were private trips that he largely paid for himself, he billed taxpayers more than $3000 for connecting flights. But, we indirectly paid for his flights because while he was away he earned $550 a day. News Corp has reported that Mr Christensen made 28 trips, totalling 294 days or 42 weeks, between April 2014 and June last year to the Philippines. In 2016 and 2017, he spent more days in the Philippines than in Parliament.

Side Story – George has a fondness for Asia. In 2017 George had 85 per cent of his stomach removed, undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy in Malaysia.  He said, to achieve a healthy weight, he needed to be about 80 kilograms (down from 176kg). The AMA weren’t happy with his choice of a foreign hospital.

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