Stuart Robert’s Internet

Stuart Robert was the Assistant treasurer in the LNP government; he knows the value of money. Except, apparently, when it comes to spending Taxpayers’ money on his home internet.

His parliamentary expenses showed that he was charging us $2,000 a month for his internet services to his house.  That’s 20 times higher than any other MP. He said this was due to “connectivity issues”, but didn’t elaborate. What would an MP know about this? It turns out that Mr. Robert has a masters degree in IT so he should know how to get a decent connection for less than $2,000 a month.

Morrison ordered an enquiry into the costs and the hapless Stuart was forced to pay back $38,000 to the taxpayer.

In a sane world that would be the end of our friend but not in the LNP. In May 2019 Morrison gives him another go, this time in charge of the NDIS. He’s now in charge of $17 billion of taxpayers money. Dog help us.

Interesting fact: Scott Morrison and Stuart Robert shared a house in Canberra when Parliament was sitting. They are  also close friends who also share the Pentecostal faith

Sidenote: When he was minister for Human Services he announced the $47m “Taskforce Integrity” to check on people who cheat the government. Seriously, you can’t make this up!

He’s got form: He was dumped from the ministry by Turnbull  after a scandal over a “private” trip to Beijing when he attended an event to celebrate a deal involving an Australian mining company headed by a Liberal party donor (story here). Morrison appointed Robert assistant treasurer in his August reshuffle after replacing Turnbull as prime minister.

Factcheck: Some media reported $2,000 a month, some $1,000. Either way, it was a huge number.

Payback time:$38,000-to-cover-internet-bills/10370978

List of his transgressions:,12001

Update May 2020 –

More stories to come on Stuart, he’s what’s known in the business as a “Colourful Character”.

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