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Stuart Robert is the gift that keeps on giving (to this website).

First there’s the story about him joining a company whose founder-director had rape conviction. He joined a business selling cryotherapy with a man who had just been convicted of raping a woman. He became a director of alternative health firm Cryo Australia in mid-August 2018, but left two and a half weeks later, shortly after his appointment to the newly-formed Morrison ministry.

The franchise business was set up in 2016 by founder and director Neranjan Agrajith Kalubuth De Silva, 31, who marketed cold air cryotherapy to treat a range of ailments, including fatigue, sore muscles, “dull” skin, cellulite, and acne.

At the time Robert joined the firm, De Silva was before Queensland’s highest court appealing against a rape conviction.

A spokesman for Robert told Guardian Australia the assistant treasurer was: “only involved with Cryo from a commercial perspective that was all declared to the parliament”. “Mr De Silva did not disclose his conviction during corporate due diligence and Mr Robert did not know of it until informed now,” the spokesman said.

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Stuart Robert set to lose money from investment:

Selling his stake:

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission said it will investigate (

Another little Stuart business story. It seems that he listed his parents as directors of an IT company that was awarded millions in government contracts including from his own department. However, his father said he was unaware he was a director of the private investment company!

Alan Robert told The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald that the company, Robert International, was run by his son during the six-year period Alan and his wife, Dorothy, were the company’s only directors.  “Oh are we?” he said when told he and his wife were listed as directors of Robert International Pty Ltd between 2010 and 2016. “Blessed if I know; you’d have to talk to Stuart about that,” he added.

The time line reportedly appeared to link the Queensland MP with the IT services business, GMT Group, at a time when Stuart Robert says he “ceased involvement” in GMT.

Robert strenuously denied any wrongdoing

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How does this man still have a job??

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