Scotty’s China Syndrome

This week, the last sitting week of parliament before the election was probably Morrison’s worse (yeah, I know that’s a big call). After many years of bi-partisanship on Foreign Affairs Morrison decides to link the ALP with China! He accused Albo of being China’s preferred PM. He also called Labor’s deputy leader Richard Marles a “Manchurian candidate”.

Naturally Morrison was roundly criticised for this latest outburst, both by citizens and also by the majority of journalists – even his usual supporters. However, when you throw enough mud, some of it sticks (

He was even rebuffed by the current and a former chief of ASIO (

Let’s have a look at Scotty’s China record (no, not via his new WeChat Account which he just opened, then had stolen from him) –

Five mins after the last election two Chinese warships turned up in Sydney –

Then there’s the whole Gladys thing –

(PS, she didn’t get much of a mention this week and has been very quiet)

And ASIO calling out the LNP donor as a security risk –

And then there’s the Port of Darwin Lease –

And there’s his normal backflips on this and virtually any topic you could mention:

Morrison’s wordsin AsiaLinkBusiness

So, who’s really China’s puppet? Crikey have a good article here.

Further Reading on his latest outburst:

Peter Khalil, the member for Wills ( gave a terrific speech in Parliament Feb 17th 2022 when he reminded us:

  • Labor in government banned Chinese state-owned company Huawei
  • Labor in government that did not ratify an extradition treaty with China that was signed by the Howard government.

While the LNP:

  • Andrew Robb negotiated the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement then got a job with Chinese-owned Landbridge company.
  • Tony Abbott invited President Xi to speak at parliament.
  • The member for Chisholm (Gladys Liu) has an astronomical number of publicly reported links to Chinese Communist Party United Front organisations.
  • She also has a close relationship with Haha Liu, a Liberal Party donor who attended her inaugural speech and was assessed by ASIO as a national security risk.
  • The defence minister when he was home affairs minister met with Huang Xiangmo, a Chinese billionaire who was later barred entry into the country on national security grounds.

Lots more in his speech. Check out the full text in Hansard (start at 16:39) or if you’d prefer the Video you can see that here.

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