Rolex Robert

Back in 2014 Tony Abbott, Stuart Robert and Ian Macfarlane were given $250,000 worth of watches out of a plastic bag by Chinese instant noodle billionaire Li Ruipeng.

Mr Li was visiting Australia and was attending a dinner at Parliament House. He pulled the watches out of a plastic bag and presented them to the boys. And the girls too – Abbott’s wife, Margie, and Robert’s wife, Chantelle also got a watch.

McFarlane ‘declared’ the watch as a gift but said it was a fake and valued it at $300-$500. (Ed: Why would he keep stolen goods? Why would a billionaire give out fake gifts?).  He subsequently had the watch valued at $40,000. In fairness to McFarlane, once he found this out he returned the watch.

Once ‘alerted’ to the fact they were real, and possibly on the instructions of Liberal Party boss Tony Nutt, the others said they returned their watches too.

Side Story: When Mr. Robert said he returned the watches (his and his wife’s) a former mayor of Ipswich (Qld), Paul Pisasale, came into possession of two expensive Rolex watches. Interesting story here. For those of us outside Qld, Mr. Pisasale had some links to Mr. Robert and also to Mr. Dutton (whom he apparently called representing the immigration cases of young Asian women). See story link above.

Whatever happened to Mr. Li? Apparently (according to the AFR)  he’s on the run from Chinese authorities and is hiding out on the Gold Coast. –

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