Regional Sydney Swimming Pool

Those of you outside of Sydney may not know that North Sydney is now a “regional” centre,  but the government decided that the North Sydney Olympic Pool was a worthy recipient of $10 million from a regional grant program. The pool is in North Sydney, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This is not money from the $100m Sports Rort Scandal, it’s a separate bucket of money called the “Female Facilities and Water Safety Stream” which was intended to remove barriers for regional women participating in sport.

The mayor of North Sydney, Jilly Gibson said she was “surprised” to learn a $10 million federal contribution promised for the project was drawn from the government’s $150 million “female facilities and water safety stream” but went on to say that the funds were “federal government money well spent”. She added “I maintain [the pool] is a regional facility. It’s used by people from all over the state and throughout the country”. Ya can’t beat that logic!

Note: local MP Trent Zimmerman announced the $10 million grant for the North Sydney pool upgrade in April 2019 but didn’t say the money would be coming from this program.

So there you have it! Dodgy or what?

More info:$10-million-pool/12004590

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