Twiggy Tests

The LNP’s favourite miner, Andrew Twiggy Forest decided to do the country a big favour and bought in $200m worth of Corona virus tests from China (about 10 million tests). The “favour” backfired a little when it was discovered that … Continue Reading →

No cuts to the ABC….

Everyone loves our ABC, except the LNP it seems. Over the last 8 years it’s lost almost $800m in funding, despite it being the National Broadcaster. We value it most during a crisis like Droughts, Bushfires, Flooding and even the … Continue Reading →

All the ‘gates’

Carrick Ryan (twitter: @realCarrickRyan) has done a really great summary of all the ‘gates’. As he says “Ok here’s an attempt to collate all of this Government’s scandals in one thread“ He covers #grassgate, #watergate, #darwingate, #internetgate, #mundinegate, #foxtelgate, #vikigate, … Continue Reading →

Oil Deal

We don’t have enough fuel reserves. The International Energy Agency requires its 30 member countries to have a strategic petroleum reserve equal to 90 days of the previous year’s net oil imports. Australia has about 30 days of supply onshore … Continue Reading →

Build it and they will pay

During the Sports Rort investigations it was discovered that a soccer club in Scott Morrison’s electorate was given $50,000 for a building that had already been built !!! Guidelines for the sports grants program clearly state that projects that had commenced … Continue Reading →

Sports Rort Saga

Where do we even begin with this story? It was the biggest story of 2020 and looked like seriously damaging the Morrison government until the Corona Virus came along and the media moved on. It’s not over yet, but here’s … Continue Reading →