Nǐ hǎo Chinese Warships

As mentioned earlier (https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/start-the-boats/), no one expected the LNP to win the 2019 election, especially the LNP. To prepare for their impending loss they laid a few booby traps for the incoming Labor government. Unfortunately (for the LNP), these traps … Continue Reading →

Waste Watch

The LNP love to tell us all how they’re the great economic managers, and the media take them at their word and repeats this crap.  This post will keep a record of the money these guys have wasted that could … Continue Reading →


The aim of this site is to highlight some of the “achievements” and notable moments of the Liberal & National party coalition during its term of office from 2013 to the present day. It is by no means an exhaustive … Continue Reading →

The Rwanda Riddle

This story stretches back to the Turnbull days. He made a people swap deal with President Obama whereby they take 1,250 of our refugees from Manus & Nauru and we take some of their refugees, specifically the Central Americans in … Continue Reading →

The Member for Manila

George Christensen (Bio from SBS) is a special piece of work. He’s part of the LNP in QLD but sits with the Nationals in Parliament. He’s a conservative and widely outspoken. While some people expected him to lose his seat … Continue Reading →

Hello World

Basically, the Finance Minister forgot someone else paid for his family’s holiday. The holiday cost almost $3,000 and was paid for by Helloworld Travel. This happened just weeks after the company won a large government travel contract (from Cormann’s department) … Continue Reading →

The Watergate saga

Sep 2017 – The short story is that the Government bought $80m of water credits and we got no water. The long story is far more complicated and involves a government minister, Angus Taylor, a company (Eastern Australia Irrigation) he … Continue Reading →