Our Climate Cop Out

Minutes before the COP 26 summit in Glasgow (Nov 2021) Morrison decided that we should have a Net Zero position….much to the chagrin of the Nationals. There were no details of this plan of course, but there was a nice glossy brochure.

According to the PM we would get to Net Zero Emissions by 2050, just like most of the rest of the world.

However, like with everything with this Government there’s a catch and it took some time for that to emerge.

Whilst we have made a “commitment” this will not be legislated, so it’s like any other LNP promise.

What will he do? Well he won’t be introducing a price on carbon (that was Labor’s idea, which worked). Instead we intend to use existing and emerging technologies to get us 85% of the way to net zero. The other 15%? Yeah, well, it hasn’t been invented yet….but when it is, we’ll be using it. Seriously! That’s our “PLAN”.

“That 15 per cent will come from the evolution and momentum that is generated by those earlier technological developments,” Mr Morrison said.

Meanwhile, no one here believed here and neither did the rest of the world – https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/26/world/australia/net-zero-delay.html

As The Guardian said, “Australia commits to 2050 net zero emissions plan but with no detail and no modelling”.

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