Morrison, Virus and Football

At the beginning of this pandemic Morrison advised against large gatherings from Monday (16 March 2020). At the same time he said he was going to the Footy (rugby league) on Saturday!

As it turned out, Dutton got infected with the virus and Scotty decided to cancel his football plans. As the ABC reported “Not because he considers himself to be at risk, but because some media outlets might misinterpret his appearance”.

Fast forward a few months (to July) and Victoria is in the grip of a second wave of the pandemic recording around 200 new cases each day. The PM gets up to announce that “We’re all Victorians” and he stands with Daniel Andrews and Victoria. Great stuff….shows leadership. Then he announces he’s taking some time off (holiday) to spend time with “Jen and the kids” (note: Not in Hawaii this time).

Next time we see him he’s where? Yep – at the Footy! Without “Jen and the kids”!!!

Seriously, Ya couldn’t make this up.

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