More grants to LNP seats

We all know about SportsRort but there’s another scheme that far outspends it. Thanks to the great Michael Pascoe with help from Vince O’Grady for making this one public.

The Community Development Grants has spent over $1billion since 2014 – almost 70% of it going to LNP seats!

You can read about the program here – but don’t bother thinking about applying because as the website says “Selection Process:Closed Non-Competitive”. In other words, Government MP’s decide who gets our money. As it says: “Only projects identified by the Australian Government will be considered for funding under the CDG Programme.“.

The objective of the CDG Programme (program) is:

  • to support needed infrastructure that promotes stable, secure and viable local and regional economies.

The intended outcomes of the program are:

  • to construct and/or upgrade facilities to provide long term improvements in social and economic viability of local communities
  • to create jobs in the delivery of projects and ongoing use of the infrastructure
  • to improve social amenity, increased health and wellbeing and social cohesion by utilisation of the infrastructure by community groups

So, no surprise that the winner from this lottery was North Sydney who got $48m!!! And that doesn’t include their $10m Pool Upgrade. Australia’s richest electorate, Wentworth (yep, Malcolm’s old seat) managed to pick up over $14m. There was money for almost everyone – except for 27 electorates who didn’t get a cent. 81% of those were held by Labor. Funny ‘bout that.

The National Audit Office says it’s all above board – with the following conclusion

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