Jen’s Lady in Waiting

In medieval times a lady-in-waiting was a female personal assistance to a royal, usually to a Queen or Princess. These days we still have them in Australia but they’re called “Personal Assistants” and the Prime Minister’s wife, Jenny, has one – paid for by us, of course.

We don’t know what Jenny (aka “Jen & I”) actually does or why she needs a personal assistant but she has one and it costs us $85,000 a year, plus a commonwealth car. The ‘personal assistant’ is based at Kirribilli House in Sydney, not at the PM’s official taxpayer-funded house in Canberra. The PA doesn’t cook or clean for the royals because Kirribilli House also has a housekeeper/cook, house manager, security staff, garden caretakers etc (yes, all paid for by us).

So who is this Lady in Waiting? Well, it turns out it’s no other than Lynelle Stewart – Jen’s old friend (that’s why you didn’t see the job advertised). Apparently they have been friends for years and were bridesmaids at each others weddings. Their families are very close. 

But wait, there’s more. Lynelle’s husband is no other than Tim Steward, also known as @BurnedSpy34 on Twitter and thought to be Q-Anon’s Australian mouthpiece. Tim is also believed to be a good friend of the PM and according to his sister Karen and they planned a holiday in Hawaii last year (yep, that holiday – The New Daily describes Tim as “Tim Stewart is a 51-year-old father, Cronulla Sharks supporter, one-time operator of an online health food venture called Fruit Loop, a former bankrupt who came out of insolvency in 2015 … and long-time friend of Mr Morrison.”

Lynelle reportedly applied for Security clearance last year which would give her access to information up to and including “top secret”. Yep, seriously. I’m not sure if she got the clearance, we’ll probably never find out. 

Unfortunately if you were looking to read any of Tim’s tweets his account has been suspended by Twitter following a crackdown on QAnon content. Tim’s tweets include claims about Alexander Downer being involved in the US investigation into Russia and Julie Bishop’s red shoes (apparently the red shoes are purported to be very much a paedophilia shout out).  

Is there anything we should be worried about? Well, we believe Tim and Scott are good friends and Tim claims that he can influence the PM. Can he? Who knows with this mob?

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