How the bloody hell?

How the hell did Morrison get to be our Prime Minister? In my humble opinion he’s as embarrassing as Abbott, sometimes even more so (and that’s a big call). I looked at his background and come up with some interesting stories. The articles below are worth a read.

His background is in Tourism (government and non-government agencies). He also did a couple of unsuccessful stints in the Liberal Party as a campaign director. He worked for the Tourism Council of Australia until 1998 (it went bust in 1999). He then went to NZ as a director of the Office of Tourism and Sport. He came back to Australia a year before his contract was finished (apparently, he was fired) and took up a role with KPMG. That didn’t last long either and details of it have been deleted from his Wikipedia page.

In 2004 he was given the job of MD at Tourism Australia and was ‘credited’ with launching the $180m “Where the bloody hell are you” campaign. Apparently he was fired from that position a month after getting a pay rise and has never really explained why. Some media suspect there may have been some dodgy contracts awarded ( Morrison claimed that KPMG (his old employer) conducted a “probity audit” into the awarding of the contracts but no report has ever been found (more details on this important angle here:

He then decided that with such an excellent track record he’d have a crack at politics and put up his hand for the seat of Cook. He came along with a reference from Howard but in the pre-selection contest he didn’t even make the final ballot gaining only 8 votes (one of them, presumably his).  He lost out to Michael Towke.

Strange things happened after that. Towke had some damaging stories leaked about him & some branch stacking. He was dis-endorsed and Morrison was appointed the candidate – without a vote. BTW, the Daily Telegraph, who was running these stories against Towke, was successfully sued for defamation by him. Perhaps they weren’t really true.

Once he won the seat the rest is history, right up to how he grabbed the Prime Ministership (

The next episode will play out shortly. Stay tuned.

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