Cormann Jumps Ship

Senator Cormann was Australia’s longest-serving finance minister, in the job since 2013. After seven years, three Prime Ministers I’ve got no idea what his achievements were. He oversaw the:

  • 2014 budget
  • Our Largest ever debt
  • The knifing of Turnbull
  • The Failed Dutton coup
  • The 2020 Recession

Apart from that, I don’t know what he’ll put on his CV.

He took the credit for the 2014 budget, considered the worst evert budget ( He’ll be remembered for sitting outside with Joe Hockey smoking a cigar thinking he’d done a great job.

As Finance Minister he oversaw the blatant Pork Barrelling and misuse of taxpayer money for political purposes during the 2019 election campaign. He also needs to take ‘credit’ for the $2.5 billion Community Development Grants. His job was to watch government spending and he failed (

He also oversaw the spending of $174 million of taxpayer funds on Government Advertising, including $156m spent on campaign advertising in 2018-19 (

He’s probably bested remembered for his inability to count numbers for Peter Dutton and his crucial role in knifing Malcolm Turnbull (he backed Dutton instead of the sitting PM during the last LibSpill), resulting in Morrison becoming PM. Turnbull accused Senator Cormann of “blowing up” his government. He added “his treachery was the worst and the most hurtful”.

All up….7 wasted years where he achieved nothing and cost the taxpayer millions of dollars. Glad to be rid of him.

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