The Milkshake video

The government allocated $7.8m to its “Respect Matters” initiative, then spent $3.8m of that on producing a Milkshake Video which confused people, then was quickly pulled. Another waste of taxpayers’ money by the LNP. The milkshake video – in which … Continue Reading →

Cormann Jumps Ship

Senator Cormann was Australia’s longest-serving finance minister, in the job since 2013. After seven years, three Prime Ministers I’ve got no idea what his achievements were. He oversaw the: 2014 budget Our Largest ever debt The knifing of Turnbull The … Continue Reading →

App Crap

After the fiasco with the dog’s breakfast NBN and the Robodebt disaster ( you’d think this government would have learned not to touch anything to do with IT. But no, they just keep stuffing up. And yes, our mate Stuart … Continue Reading →

Keep an eye on your mates

Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt signed off on a $1.7 million contract for Indigenous health services to be run by a company with Liberal Party connections after being lobbied by former minister Michael Keenan. The contract was to conduct … Continue Reading →

Barnaby the Drought Envoy

When Michael McCormack was elected National’s leader, Barnaby went to the back bench and complained about living on a backbencher’s salary. Morrison appointed him as the Special Envoy for drought. People assumed that he would help the government come up … Continue Reading →

Waste Watch

The LNP love to tell us all how they’re the great economic managers, and the media take them at their word and repeats this crap.  This post will keep a record of the money these guys have wasted that could … Continue Reading →