Car Park Rorts

Leading up to the 2019 election the LNP promised to spend $660 million trainstation car parks, mostly in LNP or Marginal seats, now known as the Car Park Rorts. This money was part of the so-called $4.8 billion Urban Congestion … Continue Reading →

Sussan’s Pact

This story is based on another excellent thread by Belinda Jones – ( You may not have heard of Pact Group. They’re in the recycling business and last year they reported a $320 million half-year loss ( In March 2020 … Continue Reading →

Cormann Jumps Ship

Senator Cormann was Australia’s longest-serving finance minister, in the job since 2013. After seven years, three Prime Ministers I’ve got no idea what his achievements were. He oversaw the: 2014 budget Our Largest ever debt The knifing of Turnbull The … Continue Reading →

More grants to LNP seats

We all know about SportsRort but there’s another scheme that far outspends it. Thanks to the great Michael Pascoe with help from Vince O’Grady for making this one public. The Community Development Grants has spent over $1billion since 2014 – … Continue Reading →