2020 Year in Review

2020 Year in Review…..How did the LNP do? You can read all the posts here but Belinda Jones (@BelindaJones68 on twitter) has put together a handy list. Jan: Morrison sparks protests calling for his sacking around Australia. Angry Australians are … Continue Reading →

Gone Postal

Christine Holgate’s forced resignation came out of the blue for many people, especially as she seemed to be turning things around for the Government Business Enterprise. But, like most things, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Ronni … Continue Reading →

Build it and they will pay

During the Sports Rort investigations it was discovered that a soccer club in Scott Morrison’s electorate was given $50,000 for a building that had already been built !!! Guidelines for the sports grants program clearly state that projects that had commenced … Continue Reading →

Jen’s Lady in Waiting

In medieval times a lady-in-waiting was a female personal assistance to a royal, usually to a Queen or Princess. These days we still have them in Australia but they’re called “Personal Assistants” and the Prime Minister’s wife, Jenny, has one … Continue Reading →