More cash for Foxtel

In the middle of a pandemic as people are out of work and the country has just slipped into recession the LNP announces that they’re giving more cash to Foxtel, another $10 million of taxpayers’ money to Rupert Murdoch (yes, … Continue Reading →

No cuts to the ABC….

Everyone loves our ABC, except the LNP it seems. Over the last 8 years it’s lost almost $800m in funding, despite it being the National Broadcaster. We value it most during a crisis like Droughts, Bushfires, Flooding and even the … Continue Reading →

$30m payment to Foxtel

In the 2017 budget there was a small entry there giving a gift/donation/payment/grant of $30m to Foxtel (yep…Rupert’s private TV company). The reason given was that it is to be used to promote women’s sport. Both the government and Foxtel … Continue Reading →