Our Climate Cop Out

Minutes before the COP 26 summit in Glasgow (Nov 2021) Morrison decided that we should have a Net Zero position….much to the chagrin of the Nationals. There were no details of this plan of course, but there was a nice … Continue Reading →

Shine Energy

Shine Energy’s website (https://www.shineenergy.com.au/) proudly proclaims “Helping Australia Transition To A Low Emission Future” – so how did this solar company win a $4m grant for a feasibility study into a coal-fired power station? Chief executive Ashley Dodd had big … Continue Reading →

Barnaby the Drought Envoy

When Michael McCormack was elected National’s leader, Barnaby went to the back bench and complained about living on a backbencher’s salary. Morrison appointed him as the Special Envoy for drought. People assumed that he would help the government come up … Continue Reading →

The Watergate saga

Sep 2017 – The short story is that the Government bought $80m of water credits and we got no water. The long story is far more complicated and involves a government minister, Angus Taylor, a company (Eastern Australia Irrigation) he … Continue Reading →