Stuart Robert’s Internet

Stuart Robert was the Assistant treasurer in the LNP government; he knows the value of money. Except, apparently, when it comes to spending Taxpayers’ money on his home internet. His parliamentary expenses showed that he was charging us $2,000 a … Continue Reading →

The Turnbull Knifing

Turnbull knifed, Dutton knifed, Morrison grabs the job. After the September 2015 knifing of Abbott, Turnbull was always on borrowed time. That time was up in August 2018. With an election due LNP MPs were nervous about the government’s poor … Continue Reading →

Rolex Robert

Back in 2014 Tony Abbott, Stuart Robert and Ian Macfarlane were given $250,000 worth of watches out of a plastic bag by Chinese instant noodle billionaire Li Ruipeng. Mr Li was visiting Australia and was attending a dinner at Parliament … Continue Reading →

The Abbott Knifing

The hatred between Abbott and Turnbull goes back a long way; back to the original knifing of Malcolm when he was opposition leader and Abbott took the leadership in a coup in December 2009 . This was because of Malcolm’s … Continue Reading →

Wreck the joint

Abbott’s wrecking deserves its own website – and it has one thanks to Sally Mc Manus. Find the full list of his achievement at

The Scholarship Lesson

Back in 2011, Frances Abbott, daughter of the future Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was awarded a $60,000 scholarship for a bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Whitehouse Institute of Design. Not just any old scholarship but a “chairman’s scholarship” – something … Continue Reading →