Car Park Rorts

Leading up to the 2019 election the LNP promised to spend $660 million train
station car parks, mostly in LNP or Marginal seats, now known as the Car Park Rorts. This money was part of the so-called $4.8 billion Urban Congestion Fund (UCF) – also known as the giant
Pork Barrel.

The National Audit office investigated and found that the sites were
selected by the government using a “non-competitive, non-application based
process” that “was not demonstrably merit-based”.

As of June 2021, of the 47 commuter car park sites, construction has been
completed on just two sites and started in three more. Just $76.5m of the
program’s funding, 12% of the amount committed, has been spent so far.

Some 11 projects worth $175m have had no assessment work – meaning “a
project proposal had not yet been received from the identified proponent”, the
report said. (

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