Bonking Barnaby

Not sure where to start with this story, it’s amazing. Basically, it goes like this…Barnaby Joyce had an affair with his staffer, got her pregnant, left his wife and kids, was discovered to be a Kiwi, won a by-election and got his seat back in Parliament.

Their friendship stretches back to 2016 when Campion was his Media Advisor then becoming part of his staff. Rumours were going around that they were having an affair but the media ignored (or hid) it. The rumours didn’t stop, especially within Parliament House, but Joyce denied it.

  • Aug 2017 – Joyce assures Turnbull the affair is over.
  • Dec 2017 – Joyce tells Parliament he’s separated (from the wife, not the mistress)
  • Feb 2018 – Joyce says that Campion is his partner

The happy couple then moved in together and went on to have a baby in April 2018 called Sebastian (as a totally unrelated piece of trivia, did you know Chris Pyne’s son is called Barnaby?)

Rest assured this type of incident will never happen again. In Feb 2018 the Prime Minister, Mr. Turnbull, introduced a ban on ministers sleeping with their staff. He also went on to say that Barnaby had made a “shocking error of judgement”. Barnaby then came back to say the comments were “inept”. All going well in the LNP, nothing to see here.

Joyce went on to give a tell-all TV interview with his new partner and was paid $150,000 for it. His ex-wife also did an interview and, more recently, went on to become a body builder –

A side story is the staffer, Vikki Campion, who was working for Barnaby, was moved out of his office into Matt Canavan’s office once the affair became knowledge within Parliament House. She subsequently moved into Damian Drum’s office as a social media advisor – a position created for her. She was paid $191,000 for this job and supervised a grand total of 50 Facebooks posts during this time. She eventually got paid a redundancy package (yep, us taxpayers paid for all of this).

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