App Crap

After the fiasco with the dog’s breakfast NBN and the Robodebt disaster ( you’d think this government would have learned not to touch anything to do with IT. But no, they just keep stuffing up. And yes, our mate Stuart Robert is involved with this stuff up too.

In April 2020 Greg Hunt announced the Covid Safe App and said it will “save lives and protect lives”. That’s a big call but we went along with it.

From the initial rollout it was plagued with problems. There were concerns about privacy which the government never really addressed then there were usability issues where it would either chew through your battery or not work at all if your iPhone was locked.

Despite this, about 6 million people download it. We don’t know how many people deleted the app or how many never kept it open when they went out.

The government however kept talking it up and encouraged people to download it….until they, weirdly, stopped talking about it in late June.

We now know that the app has not identified any close contacts of a person infected with coronavirus who had not already been found through manual contact tracing. In other words, it found ZERO cases. It didn’t help at all, it’s useless. Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick said the government was being dishonest about the effectiveness of the app and was refusing to concede the app “wasn’t working properly, if at all” (Senator Patrick is a qualified engineer so he probably knows what he’s talking about).

Late August 2020 update – 7 millions downloads, nothing found

The app cost us about $2 million, plus the cost of all the advertising they did around it.

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