Aloha – How good is Hawaii?

Dec 17, 2019. NSW and a large part of QLD is on fire. 768 homes have been lost. 

@NSWRFS – “At 12:30pm there are 100 bush & grass fires continuing to burn across NSW with 54 not yet contained.” 

@NSWRFS at 6:39am – “A statewide Total Fire Ban is now in effect through until midnight Saturday 21st December 2019, due to hot and dry conditions across NSW”.

Country Fire Service of South Australia – “Reminder: Total Fire Bans have been declared for Wed 18 Dec 2019 in the following Fire Ban Districts: Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Lower Eyre Peninsula, Mid North, Mt Lofty Ranges, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Murraylands, Lower South East”

In Canberra the bushfire smoke was so thick  it set off the fire alarm in the ABC’s studio. This also happened to numerous offices in Sydney.

Around the country today we’re looking at record temperatures:

“It’s forecast to hit 42C in Adelaide – the start of four days above 40C. Inland, it could be as high 47C in Oodnadatta and Port Augusta; and 43C in Alice Springs in the NT. In Victoria, it will be 39C in Melbourne and 43C in Mildura, while it will be 43C in Wilcannia in New South Wales. In Western Australia, it could reach 46C at Marble Bar and 43C in Kalgoorlie. In Queensland, Birdsville could reach 47C. ” (the Guardian).

The poor guys fighting the fires (for free) are exhausted, they don’t have enough equipment and have even asked for help to buy smoke masks!!!

So….where’s our country’s “Leader”? Well, we don’t actually know. Rumour had it that he was off on a family holiday in Hawaii. Everyone was looking for him. In fact, twitter was also on fire with the top trending topics all looking for SlowMo.

@samanthamaiden (The New Daily) was updating he story and asked the PM’s office where he was. They said “claims PM was holidaying were “wrong”. Airport sources claim he boarded a business flight to Honolulu and PMO now says won’t comment on that.”

Now….why shouldn’t he go on holidays while the country burns? Fair question, so let’s consult history. In 2010, an audience member asked the #QandA panel if Christine Nixon’s absence (she went out for dinner) while bushfire evacuations were underway was acceptable. Scott Morrison responded by saying that she’d “clearly made a bad judgment call” (

The questions remain…

– Where is he?

– Why didn’t he tell us he was going on holidays?

– Why won’t the PMO tell us where he is?

It’s all Dodgy AF.

Update: 20 Dec 2019 – He’s been found. After the death of two firefighters SlowMo has come out of hiding and admitted he’s in Hawaii. Said he’s coming home, if he can get a flight. He also said “he ‘deeply regrets’ any offence caused by him taking leave during fires, and he will return to Sydney“.

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