2020 Year in Review

2020 Year in Review…..How did the LNP do? You can read all the posts here but Belinda Jones (@BelindaJones68 on twitter) has put together a handy list.

Jan: Morrison sparks protests calling for his sacking around Australia. Angry Australians are not happy with him going to Hawaii while Australia burned.

Feb: Bridget McKenzie resigns after weeks of Morrison defending her

Mar: The #RubyPrincess docked in Circular Quay, 2800 ppl got off the ship & spread COVID across the country

Apr: Morrison threatens aged care homes to open up or the Commonwealth will get involved.

May: Morrison accepts responsibility for a $60 billion #JobKeeper bungle.

Jun: Morrison demands borders open up.

Jul: Morrison sparks outrage as he shuts down Parliament while demanding everyone else return to work.

Aug: When asked at a Senate inquiry, Aged Care Minister Senator Richard Colbeck didn’t know how many ppl had died in aged care.

Sep: Morrison bullies QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who was following the health advice, something Morrison had been saying for months that all Australians had to do.

Oct: Morrison promises to get #strandedAussies home by Christmas. He failed.

Nov: #Robodebt class action settles out-of-court for $1.2 billion.

Dec: Morrison is livid Boris Johnson snubbed him by failing to give him a speaking gig at UK Climate Summit

See the full list, plus links, at https://twitter.com/BelindaJones68/status/1337794608886030336

Image from https://7news.com.au/news/2020-the-year-that-was-how-the-big-australian-news-events-unfolded–c-1322688


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