The aim of this site is to highlight some of the “achievements” and notable moments of the Liberal & National party coalition during its term of office from 2013 to the present day. It is by no means an exhaustive … Continue Reading →

Shine Energy

Shine Energy’s website (https://www.shineenergy.com.au/) proudly proclaims “Helping Australia Transition To A Low Emission Future” – so how did this solar company win a $4m grant for a feasibility study into a coal-fired power station? Chief executive Ashley Dodd had big … Continue Reading →

More cash for Rupert

In the middle of a pandemic as people are out of work and the country has just slipped into recession the LNP announces that they’re giving another $10 million of taxpayer money to Rupert Murdoch (yes, this is the foreigner … Continue Reading →

Travel Rorts

There’s not enough room on this website to document all of the travel rorts so I’ve listed them out here as I come across them. Bronwyn’s famous chopper ride is documented at https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/helicopter-bronwyn/ The Hello World scandal is here: https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/hello-world/ … Continue Reading →

Still to come….

I could do with some help writing all these – Click on Add a Story page if you’d like to write an article or two. Shit Happens and the Silent Interview – DONE The two Rwandans (accused murderers) from the … Continue Reading →

Sussan’s Pact

This story is based on another excellent thread by Belinda Jones – (https://twitter.com/BelindaJones68/status/1280071131290931200) You may not have heard of Pact Group. They’re in the recycling business and last year they reported a $320 million half-year loss (https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/pact-appoints-ex-bluescope-executive-as-ceo-after-its-shock-result-20190328-p518fi.html). In March 2020 … Continue Reading →

Cormann Jumps Ship

Senator Cormann was Australia’s longest-serving finance minister, in the job since 2013. After seven years, three Prime Ministers I’ve got no idea what his achievements were. He oversaw the: 2014 budget Our Largest ever debt The knifing of Turnbull The … Continue Reading →

App Crap

After the fiasco with the dog’s breakfast NBN and the Robodebt disaster (https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/robodebt-disaster/) you’d think this government would have learned not to touch anything to do with IT. But no, they just keep stuffing up. And yes, our mate Stuart … Continue Reading →

More ABC cuts

Following on from the recent cuts to the ABC budget (https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/no-cuts-to-the-abc/) the ABC reported that they’re going to lay off 250 staff to make up for the $41 million funding shortfall. While the government denies any funding cut they booked … Continue Reading →

More Travel Rorts

The dodgy expense claims never stop. After Bronwyn’s helicopter madness (https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/helicopter-bronwyn/) you’d think these LNP politicians would have learned, but they’re still claiming taxpayer funds for trips that don’t pass the pub test. A previous list of dodgy travel expenses … Continue Reading →