The aim of this site is to highlight some of the “achievements” and notable moments of the Liberal & National party coalition during its term of office from 2013 to the present day. It is by no means an exhaustive … Continue Reading →

NAIF off Matt

This story belongs to Belinda Jones (known as Bee on twitter @BelindaJones68). It’s a ripper of a story so I’ve lifted it directly from Twitter to share it here for historical purposes. The full twitter thread (posted 29 Sep 2019), … Continue Reading →

Still to come….

I could do with some help writing all these – Click on Contribute page if you’d like to write an article or two. Shit Happens and the Silent Interview – DONE The two Rwandans (accused murderers) from the US – … Continue Reading →

Start the Boats

No one expected the LNP to win the 2019 election, especially the LNP. To prepare for their impending loss they laid a few booby traps for the incoming Labor government. Unfortunately (for the LNP), these traps backfired. First thing that … Continue Reading →

How the bloody hell?

How the hell did Morrison get to be our Prime Minister? In my humble opinion he’s as embarrassing as Abbott, sometimes even more so (and that’s a big call). I looked at his background and come up with some interesting … Continue Reading →