The aim of this site is to highlight some of the “achievements” and notable moments of the Liberal & National party coalition during its term of office from 2013 to the present day. It is by no means an exhaustive … Continue Reading →

Gone Postal

Christine Holgate’s forced resignation came out of the blue for many people, especially as she seemed to be turning things around for the Government Business Enterprise. But, like most things, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Ronni … Continue Reading →

Shine Energy

Shine Energy’s website (https://www.shineenergy.com.au/) proudly proclaims “Helping Australia Transition To A Low Emission Future” – so how did this solar company win a $4m grant for a feasibility study into a coal-fired power station? Chief executive Ashley Dodd had big … Continue Reading →

More cash for Rupert

In the middle of a pandemic as people are out of work and the country has just slipped into recession the LNP announces that they’re giving another $10 million of taxpayer money to Rupert Murdoch (yes, this is the foreigner … Continue Reading →

Travel Rorts

There’s not enough room on this website to document all of the travel rorts so I’ve listed them out here as I come across them. Bronwyn’s famous chopper ride is documented at https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/helicopter-bronwyn/ The Hello World scandal is here: https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/hello-world/ … Continue Reading →

Still to come….

I could do with some help writing all these – Click on Add a Story page if you’d like to write an article or two. Shit Happens and the Silent Interview – DONE The two Rwandans (accused murderers) from the … Continue Reading →

Sussan’s Pact

This story is based on another excellent thread by Belinda Jones – (https://twitter.com/BelindaJones68/status/1280071131290931200) You may not have heard of Pact Group. They’re in the recycling business and last year they reported a $320 million half-year loss (https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/pact-appoints-ex-bluescope-executive-as-ceo-after-its-shock-result-20190328-p518fi.html). In March 2020 … Continue Reading →

Cormann Jumps Ship

Senator Cormann was Australia’s longest-serving finance minister, in the job since 2013. After seven years, three Prime Ministers I’ve got no idea what his achievements were. He oversaw the: 2014 budget Our Largest ever debt The knifing of Turnbull The … Continue Reading →

App Crap

After the fiasco with the dog’s breakfast NBN and the Robodebt disaster (https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/robodebt-disaster/) you’d think this government would have learned not to touch anything to do with IT. But no, they just keep stuffing up. And yes, our mate Stuart … Continue Reading →

More ABC cuts

Following on from the recent cuts to the ABC budget (https://www.thedodgybrothers.com/no-cuts-to-the-abc/) the ABC reported that they’re going to lay off 250 staff to make up for the $41 million funding shortfall. While the government denies any funding cut they booked … Continue Reading →